The Story


My name is Yana, and I am a Ukrainian refugee.

When the war broke out with Russia, I awoke to the sound of bombs being dropped outside my home in Kyiv. I had 15 minutes to pack my things and flee.  

As I left behind my home and friends, I also had to leave behind my business.

I am a fashion designer of women's clothing and lingerie. For the past eight years, I have owned a premium clothing brand, including a manufacturing company. I also had a flagship store that hosted beauty services and sold to wholesale partner stores.  

As I became displaced, friends in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, offered to sponsor me, and I was granted a Visa in the UK as I made my way across Europe.  

Since I arrived, I knew that, despite losing everything, I wanted to restart my business here in the UK to be self-reliant and pay taxes to my host country. 

To do this, I want to showcase other Ukrainian product by buying from and supporting companies. I aim to raise awareness of the Ukraine war further and help support the Ukrainian economy from afar.  

Similarly, I want to provide a work to other Ukrainian refugees here in the UK so that they, too, can become self-sufficient.  

I am grateful that you are coming on this exciting journey with me.

I am pleased to introduce you to the stylish and high-quality clothes produced by Ukrainian designers.